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Product Benefits

Rockfon high performing stone wool ceiling tiles and suspension grids.
Our stone wool ceiling tiles and wall panels offer a number of innovative and sustainable benefits
combined with an ability to deliver acoustics, fire safety, durability and several other benefits. 

Sound absorption

Encourage productivity and comfort with a great indoor climate and acoustics

When sound waves hit hard surfaces found in a room, like walls, floors and windows, the audible energy wave we call noise reflects back in the room, which causes the overall noise level in the room to rise.

The impact of poor acoustics
Whether at home, the office, at school or in a restaurant enjoying dinner with friends, we have all experienced the irritating discomfort of poor acoustics. Given that we spend the vast majority of our time inside, it is important to consider the impact acoustics have on our health, concentration, productivity and overall well-being. 

Light reflection and light diffusion

Whether at home or at the office, we now spend the vast majority of our time indoors and as a consequence, our buildings are increasingly being considered as contributors to our well-being, quality of life and our productivity.


Given the expensive investment of real estate, building products need to meet the long-term needs of users, stabilising the value and lifecycle of the building.

Sound Insulation

Reducing the level of distraction and the harmful effects of noise, while still creating a flexible, private and engaging environment, can be a challenge. Our dB products combine the benefits of great sound insulation and superior sound absorption.

Combining sound insulation and sound absorption has a huge effect

As organisations change, indoor spaces need to be highly reconfigurable. Be it a new build or renovation project, designers need to find solutions that provide great acoustic solutions while allowing tenants to design their offices efficiently for them.


Fire Safety

The use of non-combustible materials, like stone wool, in buildings can help the fire from spreading and play a vital role in keeping occupants safe.

Non-combustible materials protect your building


Hygiene & Cleaning

Choosing building materials that can be regularly cleaned and don’t contribute to the spread of microorganisms can have a big impact on the indoor environment and the building user.

rockfon ARTIC.jpg

Seismic Design


In the event of an earthquake, our seismic-rated ceiling tiles help support life safety and the preservation of property. Combining a grid system with our seismic light-weight acoustic ceiling tiles creates a complete solution that not only performs as intended, and saves associated material costs.

Acoustic ceiling tiles seismic requirements are complex.
Rockfon Acoustic Ceiling Tiles weigh from 1.6kgs per m2** which helps towards achieving the relevant seismic standards for suspended ceilings in the NZ Building Code. Following this standard means an installed ceiling complies with the Building Code and will help safeguard people from injury or fatalities caused by structural failure.
**(in comparison to other Wet-felted panels, such as Usg Mars weighing 4.7kg per m2,
And Amf Thermatex weighing 5.4kg per m2 )

Rockfon Acoustic Tiles  are designed to fit into any of the Approved Seismic Ceiling Grids on the Market, 

including our own Chicago Metallic, Rondo, Donn or Armstrong grid systems.


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