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Modular Ceilings


Our tiles and panels are especially designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful while creating healthy, comfortable spaces.

ROCKFON suspended ceilings are applied in a variety of demanding building types, such as: office, education, retail, sport and leisure, as well as healthcare sector and industrial facilities.


Due to the excellent properties of Rockwool stone wool ceiling tiles, there is no need to choose between safety and design. ROCKFON ceilings ensure comfort to its customers, quick and easy installation for the installers and unlimited possibilities for interior designers.

Islands & Baffles  |   Wall Absorbers

Aesthetically pleasing, frameless acoustic baffles

  • Very quick and easy to install

  • Used to enhance the sound absorption of an existing ceiling

  • Ideally suited for enhancing acoustics in thermal mass areas or where frequent and unhindered access to services is required

  • Impact resistance

  • Rockfon offers solutions that withstand different levels of impact resistance

  • Along with sound absorption, the impact resistance of construction materials is an important issue in schools and gyms. Ceilings in these kinds of areas need to be able to withstand tougher-than average wear and tear as well as frequent demounting.

Ceiling design is a fundamental aspect of every building. Ceiling systems are a part of where we work, learn, heal, shop, eat, play and live. Let us help you find a ceiling solution that benefits people in all types of buildings.

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